Everything she puts in the ground withers and dies.

.. she's got death glistening within her eyes.

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"Spite that, Daddy, how many times did we try to free you? One, two, three? I don't have that many fingers. I'll have to use my toes."
- Drusilla


daylightfadings (BtVS Post Season Seven / AU Angel Season Five) - Drusilla continued to do whatever she could to pass the time quicker away from her family. Now realizing she's alone, she heads back to Europe with her trusting companion Miss Edith to spend the rest of her eternity far away from their betrayal. It wasn't until Rome when misfortune shifted upon her, not realizing that the Slayer, Angel and friends were there also, and she found herself crawling back to the arms of Spike.. bearing a soul.

changemyattempt (AU BtVS Season Seven / AU Angel Season Four) - summary coming soon.

los_angelus (BtVS Post Season Seven / AU Angel Season Five) - summary coming soon.

hellmouth_of_la (AU Angel Season Five) - summary coming soon.

they_are_wicked (AU Angel Season Five) - Drusilla had managed to attain the high life in Paris after she and Darla failed in their mission in Los Angeles at the grubby paws of Angel. Even though trying to escape the life she left behind she still found herself linked to her childe -- Spike -- and was experiencing dreams throughout the many years that pulled her through the trials and tribulations that Spike faced, including his death. Finally, after spending many moons weeping for him, she discovers he is back and very much well alive. Deciding she's been without him enough, Drusilla once again goes back to the city of Los Angeles to reclaim her Prince of Darkness.

innocence_taken (BtVS Season Two) - summary coming soon.

hungry_ghosts (AU BtVS Season Five) - summary coming soon.

Drusilla is played by jessierarr. She doesn't take copyright for Drusilla or Juliet Landau. Awards for this character can be found here.

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