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hellmouth_of_la Death gives us all special kisses.. - Everything she puts in the ground withers and dies. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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hellmouth_of_la Death gives us all special kisses.. [Mar. 31st, 2005|10:38 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to share your soul with someone else -- particularly tonight. Not only one, no, but two.. share your spark with two other people and not being able to call it your own. You can feel each speck of their anguish and dance deep inside their misery.. ooooh. It must be painful. But what happens when one of you disappears from the pages? Does part of your soul leave, emptying and leaving a space all alone inside you? Leave you as a broken and terrified lamb? This is what I wanted to ask as I looked down at a set of triplets I was lucky to catch in my web earlier.. watching them shake before me in quiet rhythm. Their fear was running off their skin like black waving ribbons, shielding over my eyes so I could see nothing more but eternal darkness. Their darkness.

"Will you scream for me, my precious babies?" I asked in a smooth purr, caressing the tip of my claws against the cheek of the only girl that was among three of them. She was the special one, I take it. Because as I began to slice her down to teeny little bits with some toys I brought with me along the way the other two boys were screaming in anger, enticing me to cut her in a little deeper. Slice! Cut! Her painful gurgling cries and the boys' screaming mixed in together with blissful agony made the air quiver in intoxication. Mmm! My body felt like it was on fire! I was going to release myself right then and there.. feel the waves crash all over me..

The fireworks that filled the air came to a slow cease when her final drop of life crawled out of her mutilated body, sending her off somewhere else to play. There was only sadness left now as they helplessly watched their sister abandon them and I clapped my hands delightedly in response. I loved listening to their heartache! I haven't had this much fun since I came to this dark city of sin.. "Don't fret, lovelies," I grinned toothily, proudly displaying my pearly fangs just so that I could watch them shake a little more. "Soon you'll be together. Miss Edith tells me it's near family time, so we must hurry." Miss Edith who has been such a good girl even though the city was weighing down on both of us. Because of that though, I've been letting her watch my days and days of games just so we could both forget. Oh, I missed Prague.. America was becoming more and more poisonous. I didn't like it.

I said hurry but it didn't mean it was quick enough for my two playmates. Hours it must've felt for them.. especially the last one as he watched his brother die slowly inside my arms as I drained the poor babe dry. I was cradling him like my own, tasting his sweet fountain of apple and spice pour thickly down my fine throat. The warmth.. it was always so wonderful. I liked the way it made my belly feel toasty. He didn't even flinch or tried to fight me -- he knew if he was a good boy he'd see his sister again. And soon.. his brother. Throwing him aside like some old toy, I eyed the final one with my predatory gaze. The last one. The dominant one.

He was the big boy..

The poor bird now though looked so lifeless and not even a scratch was laid upon his beautiful body. Two parts of his soul left him and now he had nothing else but an endless pit of woe. I knew it! "Does it hurt?" I asked with a pout, my features shifting back to my pretty face.. the same face that promised to take them home after getting so lost in this big, bad city. He couldn't even answer but his eyes told me enough. He was waiting for me to send him on his way and willingly. Please hurry, his eyes pleaded but I only shook my head with a sweet smile. Even as much as I wanted to gouge his eyes and eat his face.. it wouldn't be enough. I wanted him to let me dance in his brain.. forever. "This is better," I said to him, watching his dead gaze twirl into a whirlpool of shock. Oooh, this is what makes it that much more delicious! With a final kiss planted on his forehead I left him there inside the cold, abandoned room. Left him alone with his rotting siblings.. listening to his music of grief as I left him behind..

Oh yeah.. Princess had much fun with this. His screaming was so much prettier than the music the stars sang sometimes and I could tell Miss Edith was pleased. If Grandmum was closer to hear it, she would be pleased.

I smiled again with a giggle, the thoughts tickling my stomach. There was a little tea-party going on inside me and it was making me float.. float back inside to where I knew would lead me back to her. For hours I danced as I walked, listening to the music of dripping blood along walls that only my ears were greeted by. Even when the sun woke, I didn't stop.. it's nasty little fingers couldn't touch me, couldn't burn away my fun. And now it was about to get better..

"Grandmum!" I exclaimed happily as I opened the door, feeling her presence tugging at me like strings. How much I wanted to dance with her, be coddled by her, but I could only hope she had a wonderful time at her own party like I had.