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hungry_ghosts Bringing the boy home. - Everything she puts in the ground withers and dies. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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hungry_ghosts Bringing the boy home. [Jun. 27th, 2005|04:26 pm]
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

It was time to test my deadly boy and see if he was playing games with my poor head or not. He can be so fickle at times and no, I wasn't going to stand for that anymore. Mummy was done playing with bothersome games and I grew tired of being made the fool. Quicker than snatching shadows I grabbed the sweet girl away from her lover and snapped her neck in an instant, tossing her behind toward Spike to catch. Before the boy could scream I covered his mouth and broke his neck as well, feeling the bones crackle and pop beneath his skin. Oooh .. his fear drove me wild. I couldn't help myself, couldn't ever resist such a precious perfume, so I bit down for a taste. I suckled in deep .. feeling the warm liquid splash into my mouth and draining his life away so that I could feed my own. Mmm. He tasted of licorice with a hint of lust .. such a naughty boy this one was ..

As I fed I remembered Grandmum's words. I told her I was going to bring Spike home to us so that when the Angelbeast disappears we can all be family again, just like before. Oooh, it would all be so very lovely .. the stars would dance to celebrate! But she told me to not expect it because our boys weren't the same as before and it was all because of her. The Slayer. She with her sunshine hair and big beady eyes .. ohh, how much I would love to cut up that dolly face of hers! I was very angry at first, ravenous in fact, but I knew .. I knew with the right bone my Spike would come trotting back to me. It was all the matter of finding that bone and keeping that goodie girl out and away from my knight's eyes.

One day I will drink tea from her severed corpse. The stars promised me so.

I lifted my mouth from the tasty flesh, looking upon my former lover with anxiousness ringing inside my eyes. Why wasn't he feeding? For a moment I saw something there .. a spark, a nasty little flash that played circles about his orbs momentarily. It was hesitation. Ooooh, that isn't settling, I thought, never removing my gaze from him, that little trinket played numbers on him, oh yes. Poor boy. It took the glorious wicked that was him and broke it completely apart .. shattering my hopes into a million tiny pieces with it. Within, I could feel my insides twist. The pixies were laughing at my failure, telling me how much of a bad mummy I was for abandoning and feeding him to the devouring wolves. Instead of leaving him I should've pulled those sweet, blue eyes out so that he couldn't see The Slayer anymore. But something tore inside me and a little tiny whisper spoke ... it reminded me to be patient. Good girls know patience is a virtue.

So I waited ever so patiently. Not even moments later I watched the demon that was burrowed so deep inside crash through upon his features, awarding me with the satisfaction as he dove into the girl's neck. A cruel, delicious grin pulled the corner of my lips .. I could see all his fears and woes melt away as he drank her down. Oh yeah. Just like many and faded times before, I moved myself back down to my own little treat and drank the rest of him to fill my belly to complete warmth. Only good times ahead now .. the moment he got a taste of the girl there will be no going back anymore. He knew if he tried it would be torturous. Torturous .. ohh, the very thought brought such a delightful shiver down my spine.

I was going to help my pretty Spike now .. he was going to overcome that barbed leash that wrapped itself around his neck. I wasn't going to abandon like how Daddy abandoned us, no, that would be much too harsh. Pulling the corpse off me I dropped it to the floor, torn and bent, and I watched him. His skin was all flushed like pink petals and warmed from the girl's blood .. mm, he looked magnificent. How much I wanted to eat him up right then and there .. but we have plenty of time for that later.

"Now then," I purred sweetly to him, licking the remaining droplets that rested upon the edges of my mouth, ".. tell me how you feel?"