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now_ish Dancing inside her pretty little brain.. [Apr. 18th, 2005|10:49 am]
[mood |dirtydirty]

I listened to her speak and speak hollow letters that wavered on her tones. Mmm. This.. was a song I knew the words to. Daddy would learn the tune as well.

"She's fearful, Spike," I crooned, tasting the air on which the little doll sang. "Can you see it? Swinging and waving from her throat so swaying like waves on the sea." My diligent fingers curled over my hips as I leaned side to side as though I were standing on a boat. Wave.. after wave.. after wave..

"You fuckin' people act surprised. Let's see... vampire, no soul...what's that mean? Evil, you fuckin' idiots. You'd think you dumbasses would know this shit. Like nobody here's ever done anything underhanded and fucked up. Give me a fuckin' break."

"Evil, evil she tells. Oh how evil you are, dearie," my feet switched to and fro, threatening to advance Faith, dipping my chin to my chest and undressing her very flesh with hating eyes. "Evil like the Slayer you were never released from." This made me giggle girlishly. A Slayer? Calling herself the boss? Lord and master of the world's demons. "Hm," I frowned dissappointingly. "... no, Spike, I cannot call her 'daddy'."

"Let's play dress-up now... who do you want t'be, pet?"

His words tickled my ears like raspberries on chocolate. Naughty, dirty Spike! I licked my lips, imagining of the possibilities in this dark little game of mine. "Oohoohoohoo," I laughed joyfully, my fingers laced within themselves in front of my face. I bounced on my heels from excitement. "What goblins haunt the mind of the missus? Hmmm," I quipped, striding toward her as feet on a shadow would walk. "What will we find in those naughty little nightmares of yours?" I raised two fingers and aimed them directly at Faith's eyes, looking over my knuckles as though they helped me aim. "Be in my eyes, darling." My fingertips then pointed toward my own pupils. "Be in me."

Snake eyes.

I could see the man in her memory that squirmed into my mouth like a mass of hungry worms. A replay of someone she once knew. It was there in her mind so must be important.. and so it is he that I chose. Nothing more than my gaze warped her brain into seeing reality that was meant only for her. A living dream that I would provide for none other than Faith. Someone named Wilkins.

With her mind I dressed myself, painting me all over with his skin. Look, taste, sound, smell, feel. Oh yeah.. it was going to be ever so delicious. And Daddy can watch! I stood there and her brain molded to me.. and then I grinned. I allowed her vision to carry me through these thorned trees of screaming pasts.. time for Princess to have her own dance of fun.

"Hey there, sunshine," I said to her, my voice chipper yet still almost sincerely consoling. "Havin' a bad day? Well. You know what I like to say." My arms raised to either side dismissively. "If ya can't beat 'em, kill 'em! Right?" I laughed. "Yep, yep. Easiest way to fix a problem is to get rid of it and you, Faith?" I shook my head, striking a proud grin. "Nobody ever did it like you. But ya know.." my features now turned a bit more serious, looking down at my patened leather shoes while waving a finger in the air, "I want you to remember that the rules change from time to time. Now, now, don't look at me like you don't know what I mean. Look around you." I looked toward Angelus and Spike, then back at her again. "You're surrounded by fellas that've been doin' this a lot longer than you!" I raised my brows. "Hate ta break it to you, but you're the new guy here. Low .. person on the totem pole, 'cause we have to be politically correct, now. Damn liberals. Always trying to run everyone else's business."

I placed my hand on Faith's shoulder, squeezing it gently. Feel. My smile remained sincere. "Buck up, kiddo, you've still got what it takes to be the best, but you're just not good enough yet. Let's face it, Faith. Even before you went and got vamp-ified there was still someone who'd been at the game longer than you. She had the experience and what happened? You lost! Remember Buffy? Yeah! How could we forget the girl who ruined your reason for living! Remind me. Take a memo." I turned my palms upward like I was reading a sign. "Throw party for Buffy. I want streamers and a great big banner that says 'thanks for ruining everything you waste of space'."

I turned back to the once-Slayer again, shaking my head. "Let's not live past mistakes.. you're under the gun! Even if you poke your newfound friends here you've still got someone you can't beat. Sure you can whoop on Buffy like nobody's business now but she's not your primary issue here." I smiled at her, remaining silent for a second. "... well? Going to ask me who? I can tell you want to."

[User Picture]From: lollobrigida
2005-04-21 02:54 am (UTC)
Here are the icons for you, just delete this comment when you get the icons ;)

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