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daylightfadings To keep the pieces together in Abruzzi. [Nov. 2nd, 2005|01:43 am]
[mood |anxiousanxious]

Spike was baking cookies in that brain of his. I could read it on his face every moment I accompanied him along the concrete tendrils woven through the modest town. I wanted to reach inside his ear and poke about until there was nothing but his thoughts that I could see. Not too long ago that's all I dared to see. He could hide nothing from me, my little soulless window. But now, between his soul and my own, the window was fogged. I saw little shadows running about and that was all. The more I thought of it, my whispered pictures had all been foggy lately.. not only those from Spike. My visions weren't nearly as tidy as they should be. Naughty little things. They must be rinsed.

I spoke nothing of how he may be feeling, however, not daring to make him cross toward me. Things were different now between us. I cared how he felt. My desires spoke of control lesser than subservience anymore. The world was shining in new light and I was the child being taught all over again. What better teacher have I than my dearest? The thought brought a softly kissed smile to my lips -- perhaps the first smile that had not been borne of sadistic entertainment in many ticks of the clocks -- as he thrust his knee into the gizzard of one of his talkless toys. They were being so very stubborn and my dolls weren't speaking to me.

"Not that one, lovely," I said, trying my best to be of any assistance. I walked up to the demon that Spike held and trailed my finger along its brow, just like the old days but now the game pieces weren't the prey. We were the predators to the killers. "This one's not smart enough to know. How disappointing."

Daddy had sent us on this hike. I wasn't liking it one bit. It was cold and I wished to sit by the fire and comb Miss Tabitha's locks but it wasn't meant to be right now. Spike didn't want to read the books and I wasn't to sit in this world without his guiding arms near me. I simply wanted this night to end and I cared not whether we actually found something or not. It wasn't my quest. It was never my quest. I don't want to be the hero.

I just want to be.
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daylightfadings I can feel you hold me down. [Nov. 1st, 2005|12:54 pm]
[mood |distresseddistressed]

The moment I felt my fangs sink into the tender flesh upon his neck I was screamed at in such a tone that it forced me to push and back away from my new doll. I was being scolded?! Bad, BAD princess, says them! They're supposed to give praise and now I was the naughty girl?! "But they're cruel," I whispered out to the air, trembling and shaking as I felt the warm, humming blood trickle down from the corner of my mouth. Sweet, bitter, sweet, bitter.. my mouth was making up sickening stories. The priests were looking upon me in disbelief, fear curling off them like filthy weeds, and they comforted the broken bird that I threw at them. I tried to reach out but I couldn't.. I wanted to rip them apart for hurting me so.. but the wails continued to bounce inside my ears louder and louder. It was so horrid! "ENOUGH!" I screamed while the voices took stabs upon me, cupping my hands upon my ears in hopes to close them out and away. You can never get away, they promised me again and again, you will never escape. Each word that was snickered to me continued to make the world around me pour to ash.

How could I submit? How could I make them stop? I pushed the door open and struggled to move outside, hoping that the stars above can somehow give me answers. It was all too much.. I couldn't abide it any longer. "Please," I begged as my eyes went skyward, watching them blink and sizzle upon the darkening sky, "tell me how to chase them away! The carousel has stopped spinning and the children have fled because nobody's having any fun anymore! Make them come back!" But no answers. Not so much as a comforting lullaby. All I could hear was their screaming. Their pleading. I was an ugly girl, I've done so many twisted deeds. Dirty, dirty forever inside.. I should be placed deep inside the dirt so that no one can find me ever again. All alone, forever lost..

No.. no.. "NO!" Fearful, I moved back into a concrete snake hole, allowing the shadows to consume me away from onlookers' gazes. My thoughts went trotting back inside the church before the hunger hurt me so bad that it played evil tricks on my eyes. Daddy. He was the only one who could hurt me in such a way.. oh yes, this fear I taste inside my mouth was like ones he gave me so many delicious times before. No one could hurt me like he did and this.. this pain.. it was punishment! A sudden giggle bubbled from me, a laughter that was pushed through my pores and through my endless tears. This was not real. It couldn't be real. Not this manner of torment. Not these kinds of games that Grandmummy would play on others not like us. It was a nightmare. Yes, that must be! Vile, evil little critter trapsing about on quiet hooves through people's minds and tangling webs with little black spiders, that one. Bad horses! Bad.. horrid Angelbeasts! Scarring my good dreams endlessly as he did the very first day he laid his devil eyes upon me! I did not feel them for so long but now those eyes were constantly watching now.. spying on me so frightening like a twisting maggot breaking from the flesh..

I must escape them. There had to be somewhere..

If I could not find sanctuary inside.. then I would find it outside. Anxiousness grew within my chest and the sight of cracking tombstones hiding behind the church was quick to snatch my wanderless gaze. A cemetary? As a mouse did I scurry away from the sounds of the people and into the hush of the graveyard. Ohh how much better this felt. Solitude and familiarity.. sunshine and staples all piled together to hush the banshees for at least the moment. My feet failed me just past the gate and I stumbled over myself until I was bowed down upon earth and knees before a tall fountain who was obviously keeping watch over the giggling tombstones. They all looked like little children beneath it.. beneath an angel's statue clinging so tightly to the tower. How lovely! "Ohh hoohoo," came a sneaky chuckle from within me. "Mister canary has no songs, does he? Come! You've got the wings, songbird. Play mummy a tune that she might feel better. Come, now!" I waited for a moment but not a sound broke the air.. even when I managed a whistle at it in hopes it would copy me. I frowned disappointedly. "Angry because you were not fed again?"

Spike had often scolded me for neglecting my children and ooh, the times he would make me feel cross. Dead because you did not feed them, Dru, he would say. Even then.. it was my fault. All mine and no one else's. Spike. My mind raced with the feeling of him often. I wished to wonder what had come of him. I remember sitting at my porcelain table with my belly all fuzzy and warm with fresh life and suddenly the world fell into a black and white twirl. It was razor sharp.. cutting me deep enough to make my insides writhe and scream in agony, and I would brush Miss Edith's hair for hours while I whispered sweet fairytales for her and I. I knew very well of the harsh message that was given to me, dry ribbons and dying roses, and I understood that the spark finally ate him whole. He melted away from here.. fell into a black hole where no one could ever reach him ever again, not even the shadows. Trapped. Gone. All alone for one sweet girl.

Since then the stars didn't speak to me much, not of my family. Or it was because I refused to listen. No matter how the tune was sung it was very upsetting and I grew tired of my moods being spoiled by the bickerings of their betrayal. It wasn't fun that my dances were always interrupted, and now...

A distant breath broke the air and I watched the motionless angel's face. I could feel the banshees scratching and clawing to reach me, demanding me to let them in. I was yearning to hear a sweet voice.. anything to protect and sheild me from their ravenous clutches. "Not in the mood to talk, my pet? Do you blame me, too?"
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Sunnydale and Beyond. [Jun. 28th, 2005|11:47 pm]
[mood |sillysilly]

This thread is strictly for my lovelies at sdandbeyond. Any questions, ideas, plot suggestions .. whatever you wish, feel free to chat at me here. :D Or AIM if you choose to do so -- you can ask my AIM name here as well.

Happy roleplaying!
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hungry_ghosts Bringing the boy home. [Jun. 27th, 2005|04:26 pm]
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

It was time to test my deadly boy and see if he was playing games with my poor head or not. He can be so fickle at times and no, I wasn't going to stand for that anymore. Mummy was done playing with bothersome games and I grew tired of being made the fool. Quicker than snatching shadows I grabbed the sweet girl away from her lover and snapped her neck in an instant, tossing her behind toward Spike to catch. Before the boy could scream I covered his mouth and broke his neck as well, feeling the bones crackle and pop beneath his skin. Oooh .. his fear drove me wild. I couldn't help myself, couldn't ever resist such a precious perfume, so I bit down for a taste. I suckled in deep .. feeling the warm liquid splash into my mouth and draining his life away so that I could feed my own. Mmm. He tasted of licorice with a hint of lust .. such a naughty boy this one was ..

As I fed I remembered Grandmum's words. I told her I was going to bring Spike home to us so that when the Angelbeast disappears we can all be family again, just like before. Oooh, it would all be so very lovely .. the stars would dance to celebrate! But she told me to not expect it because our boys weren't the same as before and it was all because of her. The Slayer. She with her sunshine hair and big beady eyes .. ohh, how much I would love to cut up that dolly face of hers! I was very angry at first, ravenous in fact, but I knew .. I knew with the right bone my Spike would come trotting back to me. It was all the matter of finding that bone and keeping that goodie girl out and away from my knight's eyes.

One day I will drink tea from her severed corpse. The stars promised me so.

I lifted my mouth from the tasty flesh, looking upon my former lover with anxiousness ringing inside my eyes. Why wasn't he feeding? For a moment I saw something there .. a spark, a nasty little flash that played circles about his orbs momentarily. It was hesitation. Ooooh, that isn't settling, I thought, never removing my gaze from him, that little trinket played numbers on him, oh yes. Poor boy. It took the glorious wicked that was him and broke it completely apart .. shattering my hopes into a million tiny pieces with it. Within, I could feel my insides twist. The pixies were laughing at my failure, telling me how much of a bad mummy I was for abandoning and feeding him to the devouring wolves. Instead of leaving him I should've pulled those sweet, blue eyes out so that he couldn't see The Slayer anymore. But something tore inside me and a little tiny whisper spoke ... it reminded me to be patient. Good girls know patience is a virtue.

So I waited ever so patiently. Not even moments later I watched the demon that was burrowed so deep inside crash through upon his features, awarding me with the satisfaction as he dove into the girl's neck. A cruel, delicious grin pulled the corner of my lips .. I could see all his fears and woes melt away as he drank her down. Oh yeah. Just like many and faded times before, I moved myself back down to my own little treat and drank the rest of him to fill my belly to complete warmth. Only good times ahead now .. the moment he got a taste of the girl there will be no going back anymore. He knew if he tried it would be torturous. Torturous .. ohh, the very thought brought such a delightful shiver down my spine.

I was going to help my pretty Spike now .. he was going to overcome that barbed leash that wrapped itself around his neck. I wasn't going to abandon like how Daddy abandoned us, no, that would be much too harsh. Pulling the corpse off me I dropped it to the floor, torn and bent, and I watched him. His skin was all flushed like pink petals and warmed from the girl's blood .. mm, he looked magnificent. How much I wanted to eat him up right then and there .. but we have plenty of time for that later.

"Now then," I purred sweetly to him, licking the remaining droplets that rested upon the edges of my mouth, ".. tell me how you feel?"
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daylightfadings Flowers from a world that had taken her heart. [May. 26th, 2005|03:44 pm]
[mood |crazytortured]

I couldn't escape them no matter how hard I ran. Their faces.. faces surrounding me and yelling at me, telling me of what a horrid girl I had been. My head ached from their cries.. their pleas and the constant torment that I would never be forgiven. My atrocities too great. The pixies were gone now, run off by these devils of horrid, horrid creatures I couldn't name but somehow knew what they were all at the same time. Never turn around.. never stop.. everytime I do I see their faces scraping away from the shadows, their mouths wide and ready to eat me up completely. They were going to take me away to the same place on where they took and shattered my teacups!

I ran blindly through the streets, my vision clouded with a red veil that somehow fell before my gaze, causing me to trip and fall and soiling my once quite beautiful gown. They were pulling me down! I heard nothing, trying to cover my ears from the continual assault of hateful voices. Not even the night offered me the protection it once had.. it wouldn't offer me the games that I used to dance to inside the darkness. No.. nothing would keep the deafening yells that were chasing me. What had grown from me? One moment I held a young bite in my embrace, so precious and delicate she was, and the next I awoke on the floor.. my body burning from the inside. I could taste the fear, it filled me with such a bitter flavor that I had not felt since before dear Daddy had brought me to eternity. Now it was all crumbling. Crusts of bread peeling away from me piece by important piece I was being stripped of my flesh.. and it was all because of these devils living in my ears. Their screams.. their tears.. and I could remember each and every one.

"No!" I screamed aloud and slammed back against the brick wall of a building, cradling my head in my hands and sobbing uncontrollably. Ooooh, it hurt. They were hurting me, rotting me and making me sick from the inside. The tears stung and poured from my eyes, poisonous snakes crawling from the holes that were left in me. "No.. nononono! Begone, each of you, else Miss Edith will have all your minds! Leave me be!" I rocked back and forth on the ground.. just how my mummy used to do for me when she held me, wishing they wouldn't be able to see me here. I raised my eyes to the sky as though to scold these callers quite harshly. That's when I rest my sight upon a vision that hadn't struck me in a lifetime.

A cross was cut out of the stone in the side of the wall.

"Help me!" I cried out, pounding on the large wooden door of the church as hard as I could. "Please! Please help me!" Impatient, I forced the door open and poured into the chapel. My eyes were dreaming. Must've been for they were cloudy.. they were bleeding to see someone. "Help me.."

"Lord have mercy," said a man with surprise and then turned over his shoulder. "Father Michael! Come quickly!"

I was guided to one of the long wooden pews onto which I nearly collapsed from my body carrying such a spiteful burdon. Not too long later another priest joined this one. They were speaking on either side of me but my ears were blind to their ceaseless voices. My mind was a carnival. The rides going up and down, to and fro upon rickety tracks, threatened to fall off at any moment. Their riders were frightened. They were terrified! It must be, else I'd hear more than the constant screaming of their agony. Their pleas for it to stop.. for it all to stop. I looked up and before me hung the chapel's crucafix with Jesus looking down upon me, his eyes closed and his head turned as though he were dismissing me. Why did he not want to see me? What had I done to be foresaken by the most forgiving? I was a good girl! Daddy told me so! He had even given me my gift of eternal life.. and now? Daddy did so much worse things than I. He stole the crowns off the little princes and princesses. He snatched the hearts from beneath the noses of the innocent. He bore the child that was me without my will. Why was I the punished, foresaken one?!

Both priests looked up at each other seeming to be at a loss for words. "Miss? Miss.. can you hear me?" I finally heard their voices and turned my pained gaze upon them. "What is your name?"

I could not find an answer, my eyes and cheeks stinging with threatening tears that would not fall. "P.. Princess. Daddy calls me Princess." A stare that had no songs in it and no comforting pictures that came with my answer as though I was looking through an empty window. Suddenly my hands gripped my head, capturing my silken tenticles of hair between my fingers when another horrible banshee ripped through my brain. "Please! Please you must help me! I am tormented! Pained! The.. the demons have eaten the pixies and they will not stop shouting! They will not stop scolding me for not protecting them! Calling me.. horrid things, blaming me! You must take them out, father! Please!"

This, in turn, made them both pause. The scent of their fear filled my nose. It used to be so thrilling. So.. intoxicating. But now it smelt foul and sickening. "Um.. okay, well, miss.. are you baptized and have you accepted the Lord as your father and savior?" I nodded my head to answer, blinded by the screams. I had become so drowned in my surroundings and my need for their guidance that I had lost somewhere just what I am.. the swirling buns in my head left little room for memory anymore. At this second the only pixie that whispered above the war within my mind was when I'd taken my holy communion. I did realize from these shattered shards of mirrors reflecting my past that if there was any place I could be safe, it would be here. "Very well, then, raise your head and repeat after me.."

I raised my head as instructed and did not see until too late that he was going to place the cross on my forehead. The moment it touched my skin I felt its sightless teeth bore into my flesh. I reeled back and held my brow as both priests jumped to their feet and hatefully drew crosses upon me. "Abomination!" one of them yelled at me. "Demon! Begone from this house of God!" No.. no this was not right. This was not the way it was meant to be! I was confused. They were supposed to help me! What had I done wrong?! I was not a bad girl! I was good! I was good! I reached for his foot, anger toward this continual searing pain inflating my head waltzing with confused apology toward the priest. I let the beast of me come forth. "Your poisonous speech! Like the devil himself, you are, both of you! Have pity on the broken, she says," my eyes fell into a distant stare and the empty tone of my voice was soon to follow, "but they won't fix her. They won't show pity for they are demons." My deadly gaze shifted back up to his fear-filled face. "They say all the demons have to die." He withdrew as a mouse runs from the cat, thrusting his cross down at me. With a spiteful hiss I pulled my grip of his foot free and recoiled.

"SILENCE! For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit! For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace! Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be! So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God!"

He had quoted from the Bible. That broken shard of my memory spoke the words to me as his voice did. I had to try.. try and argue even if my words had been choked by the smoke of the hatred I showed. Showed.. but could not feel. "Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon!" It was as it was meant to be: a plea. The Lord's word spoken against the Lord's will. All I was asking was for forgiveness.. and all they were offering was pain. Just like the plague that I had come here to remedy.

The way they both looked at me and stepped away from me I could see that the buzzing bee carrying my words on the wind to their ears died before it reached them. Even now, when I try to turn to salvation, I find none. They hate me. Everybody hates me! Even the horrid banshees I cannot see when they chase me and scream at me! All was quiet in the chapel for a few naked seconds until the other lowered his tone and spat his words at me. "And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves. Matthew 21:12-13."

No more mirrors reflected for me. No more bees in the hive to carry my words to sting them. They wanted to hate me. They were banshees, too! "You!" I accused, raising a pointing finger to target the both of them. "You are the ones calling the devil upon me! You are the reasons they are scratching my brain." My neck involuntarily twitched with my speech, a twig swayed by the winds. "Don't fight. Don't live. They tell Princess that she must die? Miss Edith can't see anymore because of me. Nobody can see me anymore! And it's all because of..."

Suddenly the sharp stones struck me. I realized who was the real leader of the ogres stomping upon me. Oooooh, in the end.. it always came down to him.

"... Daddy..."
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now_ish Dancing inside her pretty little brain.. [Apr. 18th, 2005|10:49 am]
[mood |dirtydirty]

I listened to her speak and speak hollow letters that wavered on her tones. Mmm. This.. was a song I knew the words to. Daddy would learn the tune as well.

"She's fearful, Spike," I crooned, tasting the air on which the little doll sang. "Can you see it? Swinging and waving from her throat so swaying like waves on the sea." My diligent fingers curled over my hips as I leaned side to side as though I were standing on a boat. Wave.. after wave.. after wave..

"You fuckin' people act surprised. Let's see... vampire, no soul...what's that mean? Evil, you fuckin' idiots. You'd think you dumbasses would know this shit. Like nobody here's ever done anything underhanded and fucked up. Give me a fuckin' break."

"Evil, evil she tells. Oh how evil you are, dearie," my feet switched to and fro, threatening to advance Faith, dipping my chin to my chest and undressing her very flesh with hating eyes. "Evil like the Slayer you were never released from." This made me giggle girlishly. A Slayer? Calling herself the boss? Lord and master of the world's demons. "Hm," I frowned dissappointingly. "... no, Spike, I cannot call her 'daddy'."

"Let's play dress-up now... who do you want t'be, pet?"

His words tickled my ears like raspberries on chocolate. Naughty, dirty Spike! I licked my lips, imagining of the possibilities in this dark little game of mine. "Oohoohoohoo," I laughed joyfully, my fingers laced within themselves in front of my face. I bounced on my heels from excitement. "What goblins haunt the mind of the missus? Hmmm," I quipped, striding toward her as feet on a shadow would walk. "What will we find in those naughty little nightmares of yours?" I raised two fingers and aimed them directly at Faith's eyes, looking over my knuckles as though they helped me aim. "Be in my eyes, darling." My fingertips then pointed toward my own pupils. "Be in me."

Snake eyes.

I could see the man in her memory that squirmed into my mouth like a mass of hungry worms. A replay of someone she once knew. It was there in her mind so must be important.. and so it is he that I chose. Nothing more than my gaze warped her brain into seeing reality that was meant only for her. A living dream that I would provide for none other than Faith. Someone named Wilkins.

With her mind I dressed myself, painting me all over with his skin. Look, taste, sound, smell, feel. Oh yeah.. it was going to be ever so delicious. And Daddy can watch! I stood there and her brain molded to me.. and then I grinned. I allowed her vision to carry me through these thorned trees of screaming pasts.. time for Princess to have her own dance of fun.

"Hey there, sunshine," I said to her, my voice chipper yet still almost sincerely consoling. "Havin' a bad day? Well. You know what I like to say." My arms raised to either side dismissively. "If ya can't beat 'em, kill 'em! Right?" I laughed. "Yep, yep. Easiest way to fix a problem is to get rid of it and you, Faith?" I shook my head, striking a proud grin. "Nobody ever did it like you. But ya know.." my features now turned a bit more serious, looking down at my patened leather shoes while waving a finger in the air, "I want you to remember that the rules change from time to time. Now, now, don't look at me like you don't know what I mean. Look around you." I looked toward Angelus and Spike, then back at her again. "You're surrounded by fellas that've been doin' this a lot longer than you!" I raised my brows. "Hate ta break it to you, but you're the new guy here. Low .. person on the totem pole, 'cause we have to be politically correct, now. Damn liberals. Always trying to run everyone else's business."

I placed my hand on Faith's shoulder, squeezing it gently. Feel. My smile remained sincere. "Buck up, kiddo, you've still got what it takes to be the best, but you're just not good enough yet. Let's face it, Faith. Even before you went and got vamp-ified there was still someone who'd been at the game longer than you. She had the experience and what happened? You lost! Remember Buffy? Yeah! How could we forget the girl who ruined your reason for living! Remind me. Take a memo." I turned my palms upward like I was reading a sign. "Throw party for Buffy. I want streamers and a great big banner that says 'thanks for ruining everything you waste of space'."

I turned back to the once-Slayer again, shaking my head. "Let's not live past mistakes.. you're under the gun! Even if you poke your newfound friends here you've still got someone you can't beat. Sure you can whoop on Buffy like nobody's business now but she's not your primary issue here." I smiled at her, remaining silent for a second. "... well? Going to ask me who? I can tell you want to."
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hellmouth_of_la Death gives us all special kisses.. [Mar. 31st, 2005|10:38 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

Sometimes I wonder what it feels like to share your soul with someone else -- particularly tonight. Not only one, no, but two.. share your spark with two other people and not being able to call it your own. You can feel each speck of their anguish and dance deep inside their misery.. ooooh. It must be painful. But what happens when one of you disappears from the pages? Does part of your soul leave, emptying and leaving a space all alone inside you? Leave you as a broken and terrified lamb? This is what I wanted to ask as I looked down at a set of triplets I was lucky to catch in my web earlier.. watching them shake before me in quiet rhythm. Their fear was running off their skin like black waving ribbons, shielding over my eyes so I could see nothing more but eternal darkness. Their darkness.

"Will you scream for me, my precious babies?" I asked in a smooth purr, caressing the tip of my claws against the cheek of the only girl that was among three of them. She was the special one, I take it. Because as I began to slice her down to teeny little bits with some toys I brought with me along the way the other two boys were screaming in anger, enticing me to cut her in a little deeper. Slice! Cut! Her painful gurgling cries and the boys' screaming mixed in together with blissful agony made the air quiver in intoxication. Mmm! My body felt like it was on fire! I was going to release myself right then and there.. feel the waves crash all over me..

The fireworks that filled the air came to a slow cease when her final drop of life crawled out of her mutilated body, sending her off somewhere else to play. There was only sadness left now as they helplessly watched their sister abandon them and I clapped my hands delightedly in response. I loved listening to their heartache! I haven't had this much fun since I came to this dark city of sin.. "Don't fret, lovelies," I grinned toothily, proudly displaying my pearly fangs just so that I could watch them shake a little more. "Soon you'll be together. Miss Edith tells me it's near family time, so we must hurry." Miss Edith who has been such a good girl even though the city was weighing down on both of us. Because of that though, I've been letting her watch my days and days of games just so we could both forget. Oh, I missed Prague.. America was becoming more and more poisonous. I didn't like it.

I said hurry but it didn't mean it was quick enough for my two playmates. Hours it must've felt for them.. especially the last one as he watched his brother die slowly inside my arms as I drained the poor babe dry. I was cradling him like my own, tasting his sweet fountain of apple and spice pour thickly down my fine throat. The warmth.. it was always so wonderful. I liked the way it made my belly feel toasty. He didn't even flinch or tried to fight me -- he knew if he was a good boy he'd see his sister again. And soon.. his brother. Throwing him aside like some old toy, I eyed the final one with my predatory gaze. The last one. The dominant one.

He was the big boy..

The poor bird now though looked so lifeless and not even a scratch was laid upon his beautiful body. Two parts of his soul left him and now he had nothing else but an endless pit of woe. I knew it! "Does it hurt?" I asked with a pout, my features shifting back to my pretty face.. the same face that promised to take them home after getting so lost in this big, bad city. He couldn't even answer but his eyes told me enough. He was waiting for me to send him on his way and willingly. Please hurry, his eyes pleaded but I only shook my head with a sweet smile. Even as much as I wanted to gouge his eyes and eat his face.. it wouldn't be enough. I wanted him to let me dance in his brain.. forever. "This is better," I said to him, watching his dead gaze twirl into a whirlpool of shock. Oooh, this is what makes it that much more delicious! With a final kiss planted on his forehead I left him there inside the cold, abandoned room. Left him alone with his rotting siblings.. listening to his music of grief as I left him behind..

Oh yeah.. Princess had much fun with this. His screaming was so much prettier than the music the stars sang sometimes and I could tell Miss Edith was pleased. If Grandmum was closer to hear it, she would be pleased.

I smiled again with a giggle, the thoughts tickling my stomach. There was a little tea-party going on inside me and it was making me float.. float back inside to where I knew would lead me back to her. For hours I danced as I walked, listening to the music of dripping blood along walls that only my ears were greeted by. Even when the sun woke, I didn't stop.. it's nasty little fingers couldn't touch me, couldn't burn away my fun. And now it was about to get better..

"Grandmum!" I exclaimed happily as I opened the door, feeling her presence tugging at me like strings. How much I wanted to dance with her, be coddled by her, but I could only hope she had a wonderful time at her own party like I had.
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now_ish Here's a lullaby to close your eyes. [Feb. 18th, 2005|07:10 pm]
[mood |coldcold and weak]

Dreams carry you on the devil's wings.Collapse )

An iron grip from my hands took the blanket that remained underneath me, the echoes of my screaming forcing me to sit up and snap my eyes open to my dark reality. A dream, only a dream. A dark, wicked, filthy dream.

I sat there shuddering in the aftermath of my dark lullaby, my arms wrapping tight around my bruised and battered body. It was hard to wash away the images, the screams. Those zombies.. only them.. only them could process and weave such black webs inside my head! Or was it Sister? Or Daddy? The betrayal of them! I didn't like this. I know this feeling. This feeling of when I move and yet I can feel the heavy tug from the goblin's fingers, holding me away from strength. From my power. Broken. A wilting flower I've become.. just like the stars taunted. "It hurts," I finally muttered, rocking myself back and forth as my eyes dart about the familiar room. I finally saw Spike laying beside me, broken and beaten, my poor deadly knight.

With a painful inward breath I reached out to him as best as I could, bidding him quietly to come back to his Princess. It was so dark but the shadows turned and whispered, whispered to me of the deadly sun that has risen and swallowed the stars outside. I could feel its evil, shimmering fingers.. it's trying to reach to me through the cracks, trying to reach to tear me away!
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Maybe for daylightfadings? So many games to be had. [Feb. 8th, 2005|06:16 pm]
[mood |predatorypredatory]

"Do you see them? All of them? They're angels, my pet. Each one of them, eyes, looking upon you. Watching. Waiting in excitement to see the end of this story." Fingers laced through the strands of the girl's hair whom I'd imprisoned within my grasp tightened and yanked her gaze skyward to each star twinkling their little lights down upon us. "Like Caesar and the Gladiators, mm? Shall we kill.. shall we live.. shall we kill..." I chuckled at my song and swayed with her back and forth, lowering my sight to the pulsing vein teasing my senses just under warm, living flesh.

"Oh God, Oh God.. please, please don't hurt me. I'll do anything.. please!" she pleaded, her squeeky voice catching my ears as I turned my attention back upon her face. What an enticing offer is this, I thought as I licked my lips like the cat about to pounce on its prey, she must be careful. Careful of the big bad claws that tend to catch the lost butterfly in the dark.. they only nibble and tear harder if the butterfly wiggles. "I-I'll scream!"

"Naughty little wench! Such promises. Do you enjoy teasing me?" I questioned back to her, lifting her arm which was tattered and torn with bruises and cuts that I bestowed upon her fragile body. So easily can she break beneath my touch.. Princess must careful. I'd hate for my fun to be ruined when the night was still ever so young. "It sounds all so very.." I raised her arm even more so that the tip of my tongue could curl and lick upon the flesh wound beneath, ".. delicious." Tangy to touch, she tasted. It was hard to resist when she reminded me so much of Grandmum that fateful night -- when she became my sweet daughter. She tasted of lemons and sugar.. and now she was dust. Pity.

My eyes lit with curiousity when I saw the girl cringe and began weeping. "Now, now," I corrected, removing my hand from her arm and wiggling my finger in front of her face, ".. you're making my tummy do the growly. I don't think you want that.. yet." Soon she'll beg me to end her misery after she realizes her pleas are dismissed. That's when the kill is more tasteful and fulfilling.. when they crave death to come knocking on their doors. I was always more than happy to oblige their dark requests.

It was satisfying.. but not exciting. The games are becoming bland and worn which is to be expected when you play alone. When my dear family graced my sides it was much more fun.. mmm. The screams that sang to us when we were together. Oh.. all the fond memories that fill my head makes me miss them in times like these. Miss Edith kept me sweet company but she could never compete with the blood baths we would swim ourseleves in.. she was always more interested in watching with those wide, dead eyes of hers instead of playing with me. Makes a Mummy sad, you know. Makes her lonely.

I watched the girl more carefully and she glanced back at me with those bright green eyes of hers, becoming more fearful. ".. please, let me go.. I promise I won't tell anyone.. I.." My finger swiftly went to rest upon her lips to shush her words. She seemed to really enjoy the word please.. it was becoming a bit of an annoyance to me. "Perhaps you may have some more," I murmured to her as I leaned in, nibbling so lightly upon her ear and moving down to her neck to place a little nip there. Mmm. Her skin tasted sweet.. it pleaded for me to do so many naughty things. I could feel the beat of her heart increase beneath my lips. ".. perhaps you can end the loneliness that I feel."

My brows knit close together when I pulled back to see her confused face and then suddenly I shook my head. No, I scolded myself, don't make such rash decisions.. it must be special. But how much I yearned for companionship.. the stars, however, spoke nothing of specialty that was in this girl. "No," I growled, ".. you don't have the teeth to have such a gift. Or maybe.." My thoughts were lurking. Running around and playing whispers in my ear. Pulling me, seducing me.. until I heard another voice in my head. A voice coming from them.

I fell back and gripped my head, moaning when my head and ears was drowned from the stars' new song..

They like to come nipping at your heels. Here they come, here they come! All old and new strangers dancing in your playground. They come with the one who took them away.. the one you yearn to claw the eyes out inside her sleep and the one that you made. It's all going to be so much fun..

When the stars hummed back into their silence my eyes snapped open and a delighted grin was immediately embraced upon my features. Oooh! Such lovely news! "Looks like Mummy isn't going to be alone after all.. I've been invited to the slumber party!" I giggled, clapping my hands excitedly with my face twisting into the mean monster within me. I leapt upon her without further words and began to consume her away from the light.. her screams doing nothing but filling my ears with complete joy.

Mmm! Princess can play!

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now_ish Some say I'm crazy for my love.. [Nov. 13th, 2004|10:47 pm]
[mood |crushedcrushed]

Spike left. He left. Deserved it! Bad dog was crossing too close to the lines..

"Shhh.." I whispered softly like a bird's last breath to my darling Miss Edith, nestling the doll within my arms as I laid back into the warm bed that was still laced with the scent of him. Of us. A pout came to my lips and I lifted my tiny companion so that I could study her face, seeing those tiny little eyes that were always watching.. always curious. ".. it's never happened, hmm? Yes, things will be right again. Melt away like smooth butter.." I felt disappointed. Angry. And my body was screaming. What could have been such a lovely filled night was torn and smashed! The feeling of tears threatened my eyes, dozens of bees stinging all at once upon them and I put Miss Edith back to her proper place among the mirror so that she could peer upon her pretty face.

Curious eyes. Lonely place.

Nippy little pixies like to lace my ears with such sweet lies. Those images, I remember, so pretty and filled with luscious screams that I could eat at all day. Yes, Daddy loved to play such wonderful games with me once a upon a time ago. But something was different, something burrowed itself within me and made me felt such nasty things! "I don't like it, Miss Edith," I murmured to her, my hands shaking as if trying to cling to the dying twig before the final leaf fell to the winter floor. "No.. it was unacceptable. But.. Spike! He was becoming so crossed." The taste of his blood still licking and attacking my tongue was still fresh and I was reminded of what have taken place. I frowned again when my face melted into my human mask and looked down upon my dress which was once again ruined.. those little wrinkles always made me feel so ill, little squirmy worms that refused to go away that is!

When I arrived in front of the dresser my ice gripping fingers curled around the dead wood to pull it open and reveal everything beautiful to me. I smoothed my hand over gently each gown, all smooth as milk, and I finally chose one. A dress of black lace with crimson trimmings.. mm, reminds me of a night full of blood and such naughty lust. My favorite! Which tonight was supposed to be..

I could feel my hollow heart sink into the gripping darkness. I missed him. I missed our good times. I missed the days where he'd break a single piece and offer Miss Edith half. "No more," a growl choked my throat, pulling the dress off from the hangers and letting the ruined one slide slowly off my body. ".. not until he decides to be a good boy again. A Princess will always need her knight. Like a knight always needs his Princess." Casually I slipped into my new dress which hung passed my feet, it's beauty upon me only measuring more and more to the wilted daisies I would plant to the garden with each button.

My hair was still brushed, lovely touches of paint still decorating my features. Maybe now I would look more acceptable in his eyes -- maybe without the messes I would remind him since I look like a Princess to him. Maybe now my eyes will draw in more..




A skip was led by my feet to the peering window where the boy still made play after all this time. It's still oh so very late. Mummy must be worried.. he must be brought home so he can have his bread. "Oh yeah.." I grinned so darkly with thorns tugging at my lips, ".. I'll bring little Hansel home." Since no one else will play games with me I must do it myself! Spike's lovely taste was teasing me and my tummy was oh so very hungry..

Play with Hansel.Collapse )

Didn't like it when we were like this because it always ruin the fun. Always ruin the games.. he could be with me or away. I was feeling so crossed to the point tears approached again. I wiped the tears from my cheeks and sobbed in, my eyes star gazing to the streets that surrounded me. Black. Lonely. Lost. All and everything that was eating me at this moment because Princess couldn't even play her games.. and she wanted to play.

Wasn't before but now.. the Princess is lost without her knight.
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